General Funds

The 2013-14 operating budget, approved by the Board of Trustees July 2013, can be viewed by clicking on this link.
The 2013-14 general funds budget of $1.8 billion (excluding Hershey & Penn College) covers the core of the University's teaching, research, and service efforts. General funds also encompass academic and administrative support and maintenance of the physical plant.
  Penn State’s 2012-13 General Funds Income Budget Pie Chart Image  
General funds income comes from:
  • State Appropriations
  • Tuitions and fees
  • Other income such as: recovery of indirect costs, investment income, and sales and services of departments.
General funds expense consists of:
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  Penn State’s General Funds Expense Budget Pie Chart Image
                   Note: employee benefits distributed by function
Summary of State Appropriations (2001-02 through 2013-14)
The following bar graph shows the University's appropriation history since fiscal year 2001-02, including the initial appropriation and, in some cases, mid-year rescissions. Commonwealth funding had been flat in terms of nominal dollars over the initial ten year period. In 2011-12 initial funding to the University was reduced by 19.6 percent. This reduction returned the appropriation back to the level Penn State received in 1995 when the instituion was considerably smaller. In June 2012, funding for General Support and Penn College was reduced by an additional 5%. The 2012-13 appropriation was set level at the initial 2011-12 amount. For 2013-14 the educational and general appropriation remained at the 2012-13 level. Additional appropriation funds were provided for Penn College (+ $2 M), Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension (+ $ 1.5 M), and $2.5 million for Medical Assistance funding at the Hershey Medical Center which is funded through the PA Department of Public Welfare.
Penn State’s Summary of State Appropriations 2001-02 through 2012-14 image
Appropriation vs. Tuition and Fees - as a Percent of the General Funds Budget (Graph)
The percentage of Penn State's General Funds Budget supported by the state appropriation has eroded substantially
over the last four decades. At the same time, the percentage supported by tuition has increased substantially.
Appropriation and tuition have reversed positions in the share of the General Funds Budget each supports. In 1970-71,
the appropriation supported 62 percent, and tuition 32 percent. In 2013-14, the appropriation contributed 14 percent,
and tuition 79 percent.   Click here for the Graph
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